2016 – GRANNY DAY.

2016 – GRANNY DAY.

Granny Day was a wonderful, soul touching and heart warming experience. It

opened our eyes to the world of people who are less privileged than us. It gave

us an opportunity to reflect and appreciate what Allah (S.W.T.) has given us. It

was a heart warming feeling to allow the Grannies to have an enjoyable and

stress less day.


It taught us that just by talking kindly and assisting was the best way to give

back to the Community. From the time we got off the bus to the time we played

dress up in Fashion World we were privileged to assist them.

The Grannies taught us many valuable lessons and we will undoubtedly never

forget that day. The Grannies shopped till they dropped into the seat of the ice-

cream shop!

Our memories sprouted from the excitement of buying new clothes

and ended with a creamy ice-cream which was the perfect topping to a beautiful


We thank Allah (S.W.T.) and the School with providing us with an opportunity

to give back to our Community.