15 June 2020

 Dear Parents / Guardians


We wish you well for 2020 and make Du’a that our children attain success in their final year at school. Listed hereunder are some of the issues relevant to our Matriculants for your information and attention:

Although Matriculants write an external examination, continuous assessment also forms part of the National Senior Certificate Final Mark Allocation.

Continuous Assessment is determined by taking into account the work of students for the year by means of a Portfolio. Each candidate must produce a portfolio of work collected for the year. The pieces of work in the portfolio are assessed on an ongoing basis by the educator, the learner himself / herself and the peer group.

A final selection of work, according to specified criteria (each subject has its own criteria) must be made by the learner and the educator before the portfolio is presented for evaluation. The CASS (continuous assessment) Portfolio is compulsory for all full-time candidates in all their subjects.

The Portfolio mark comprises 25% of the final matric mark. All full-time Grade 12 learners are to submit a portfolio in each subject being offered. Non-Submission of Portfolios will be regarded as an irregularity and the Learner will not be resulted at the end of the year.

The Portfolio mark also includes the Preparatory Examination and the various Cycle and Term Tests.

It is obvious from the above that the students who do not work consistently will find it difficult to meet the time schedules prescribed by the educators. We appeal to our parents to encourage our children throughout the year – to keep up to date with work so that they do not have a mad scramble to get everything ready when Departmental Officials come to moderate the Portfolios.