Discharging Your Zakaah in Ramadhaan

25 June 2014

26 Shabaan 1435



Discharging Your Zakaah in Ramadhaan –

will multiply its reward and enhance it “even further’

by utilizing it in EDUCATION


Zakaah becomes Fardh every year and the discharging of this monetary Ibadat is a sign of Imaan.

In fact the giving of Zakaah strengthens the Imaan !


We want our deeds to give us maximum returns especially in the Aakhirah hence discharge your zakaah in the Mubarak month of Ramadhaan because every act/deed is multiplied in this month.


Convert this “Zakaat-giving in Ramadhaan” into an even more enormous reward by converting it to a THAWAAB-E-JAARIAH. Thawaab-e-Jaariah is an act which gives perpetual rewards and this is possible by giving ones monies towards EDUCATION. (Thawaab-e-Jaariah continues even after death).


By assisting to educate, you will have planted the seeds which will reap perpetual reward for you and your family, Insha-Allah.


The Lenasia Muslim School caters for the education of the community and does not discriminate on the basis of colour, creed or financial position.   We help students who cannot afford fees by assisting in terms of a bursary.   Thirty percent (30%) of our pupils are assisted in this way. (LILLAH AND ZAKAAH)


The Zakaah funds that are collected by L.M.S are used strictly for Zakaah Deserving Cases only, which is done under the supervision and the mashwera of ULEMA.


It would be appreciated if you could kindly forward your contributions of both Lillah and Zakaah to the L.M.S or direct deposits could be made into our account.   The details of which are as follows ….


Name of Bank : Habib Overseas Bank

Name of Account Holder : LMS Zakaah Fund   Name of Account Holder : LMS Lillah Fund
Account No. : 11333008614   Account No. : 11333008509
Branch :           Lenasia   Branch :           Lenasia

** Please FAX or forward your Deposit Slip to us for our records.

   (We will extend an official receipt to you as soon as we receive your proof of payment – Insha-Allah)


You may contact the ff. persons to arrange for the collection of your donations.


1) Brother E. Motala       – 082 757 5864

2) Brother A.S. Ismail    – 082 857 5560

3) Brother A. Ravat         – 083 415 7948

4) Brother M. Chodree- 084 278 6010 ( Rigdeway/Robertsham/Ormonde/Evanspark/Mondeor)


The Lenasia Muslim School appeals to all parents and well wishers to contribute their Lillah and Zakaah money towards the educational programme of our school, please do extend this appeal to other potential well-wishers also.


We would also like to take this opportunity to thank one and all for their continued support in the past.   We are confident that you will continue assisting our children financially as you always did.


Once again Jazakallah and may Allah Ta’aala reward you and increase you in your rizq and give you abundant Barakah.


The condition of Akhlaaq and the moral degeneration of manners, the satanic cults / non-compliance to authority/parents and general decay has resulted in the categorizing of Muslim/Islamic schools A NECESSITY – not just another privilege but surely a right we owe to our children. (Ml. Y. Bham)


Was Salaam




Mr. R. Mohamed