Inter Provincial Soccer Festival – PE 2014

Association of Muslim Schools

Inter Provincial Soccer Festival

Port Elizabeth 2014


Alhamdulillah we thank and praise Allah Ta’ala for His Infinite Grace and Mercy showered upon us and for affording us an enjoyable and successful tour to the “friendly city” of Port Elizabeth. Peace and salutations upon our beloved Nabi Muhammad S.A.W.


Shukran to Nasruddin Islamic School and the community of P.E. for opening the doors for hosting the first IPSF. The festival was indeed a great success. The host school did a splendid job in arranging and providing opportunities for talented players to develop their sporting abilities – thus giving rise to more sporting icons than can emerge as role models for our teenagers to emulate.

The ‘windy city’ provided a base for our youth to unite for the pure love and enjoyment of sport and an the opportunity to foster good relationships and brotherhood in the spirit of sportsmanship in which the games were played. Indeed we met as strangers but left as brothers.


Round robin Fixtures were played on an 11-a-side format in U15 age group with the objective of selecting a SA-AMS team at the Nelson Mandela University Stadium (magnificent setting overlooking the sea)


The standard of competition was high and rivalry on the field electric.

The players must be commended and applauded for the wonderful spirit of sportmanship and camaradieship which prevailed throughout the festival. They were all winners as they honoured the concept of Akhlaaq. There was not a single incident or fight. Our motto: don’t just win by the number of goals you score but by the number of friends you make.


Our heartfelt thanks to the Exco. of AMS under the leadership of Mohammedbhai Dockrat who need to be applauded for contributing to the phenomenal growth of our schools. Moreover, AMS deserves special recognition for their sustained support and blessings for the festival to go ahead despite the challenges faced. We make dua that Allah Ta’ala grants you all the strength and good health to continue inspiring our players to develop at the highest level. Remember the main thrust on school sport is primarily focused on DEVELOPMENT.


To both the manager (Gorrah Ebrahim) and Coach (Sadeck Dhorat) – Congratulations for a job well done and for making my task an easy and enjoyable one. You inspired gut-filled performances through your passion and dedication. Moreover, the camaraderie amongst the players was encouraging and motivational. The bonding and friendship that developed was a joy to see and will remain entrenched in their minds for a very long time to come – Inshallah.


We would be failing in our duty if we didn’t mention the fact that a tour of this nature is an expensive venture and in this regard we wish to place on record our sincere gratitude to all our sponsors. (Sedgars and other anonymous donors). Thank you for making it happen. It was heartening to see so many parents making the long trip to PE to support, encourage and cheer their loved ones. This is indeed true quality time. Their presence meant a great deal to us and for this we are grateful.


The festival was a resounding success in that the concept of BROTHERHOOD and the desire to project a positive image of our schools as an extended community thriving on integrity, akhlaaq (character) and commonality, was not found wanting. Moreover, the importance of humility in victory and graciousness in defeat permeated throughout the festival. Indeed bonds of friendships were forged.


The SA-AMS Team was presented with colours at a special ceremony. The presentation was made attractive and the players were honoured by special guests including ex-SA-AMS players.

Eight Gauteng members were selected for the SA-AMS Squad. (6 players: 4 from LMS and 2 from Al-Aqsa. The general manager and coach also from LMS). The remaining 9 players came from Western Cape and Eastern Cape. (6+3 respectively) [Refer to Annexure].

The parents of 3 players from Al-Aqsa School were extremely grateful to LMS for “adopting” their children – without LMS their children would not have had the opportunity to participate. We pleased to say that two of these players went on to make the South African team – a wonderful achievement.


Report on matches played

Fixture against Invitation X1

Our first fixture was against a combined Eastern Cape X1. We realised it would not be an easy ride for us, but the boys were incredibly motivated and excited and couldn’t wait to play. (They realized that coming to P.E. is not just gaining a cap but also vital experience). They understood that this will be a crunch match and a win will lift their confidence. We’ve going into the match with a positive approach. We are going to attack from the beginning until the end.

The SAFA referee whistled the game to a start and immediately our boys gave a display of precision and control which dictated the course of the match. It wasn’t long before we scored which spurned the lads to play with greater finesse and panache. After fifteen minutes in the second half our team had a three goal cushion. It was good to see our game plan come to fruition after all the hard work and practice.


Fixture against Eastern Province

The match was intense and played at a furious pace. Both defenders had plenty of pressure on their shoulders as both teams were playing attacking football. We were competitive in the midfield but lacked fire –power up front.

The wind factor came to the fore as they capitalized on our defensive error and punished us severely. Their goal served to galvanise them into action. However, we countered their game-plan by denying them space. We controlled possession but just could not penetrate their back wall. The game ended with only one goal scored.




Fixture against Western Province

The strong winds of the previous day continued sweeping unabated. At midday our team was to take on the formidable and strong Western Province team. We realised that facing the best players will Inshallah bring out the best from us and we took up the challenge – but that’s what you want in soccer, measuring yourself against the best.

Our boys were both excited and anxious and as you know amongst the youth nothing quells the desire to play and the hunger for victory.

The crowd all gathered to watch this prestigious match which created a wonderful atmosphere to help boost the teams morale and team-spirit.

The game was fast and exciting with both teams displaying sensational soccer skills. The game won us tremendous support and much needed experience and exposure.


SA-AMS against U16 Lads

This fixture was played against “bigger boys”. A team that is top of the log in Eastern Cape league. We realised it would not be a easy ride for us. We were competitive in all aspects of the game. Our boys stuck to the game plan and frustrated the opposition. We continued attacking and won the support of the crowd. Both teams played with verve and panache and both teams were evenly matched. The teams were congratulated for their valiant efforts and sportsmanship. Alhamdulillah we were glad to see our game plan come to fruition.



We intend taking this team to Cape Town next year to participate in the U17 Tournament. These games may be a springboard for more prestigious things – top players may be attracted to top clubs.

We want to groom their sporting talent through hardwork and commitment. Playing against experienced opponents will help towards development and better achievement and show-case their skills inshallah.


This team is indeed talented they are players of pedigree and there’s a wonderful aura around them.They would make a wonderful narrative but it’s an expensive venture. It’s sad that money makes all the difference to give them an opportunity to develop to their highest levels.


Are there any sponsors or well-wishes out there? Only you can make a Difference.

Remember as a society part of our challenges we face is to provide suitable alternative activities for our youth. We CANNOT afford our children steering off the right-track. We need to keep them away from the evils that are readily available. We need the support of all stakeholders to continue their commitment in our endeavor to promote healthy sport. It is through team-work that we are able to create a network of sportsmen. Help us promote this squad to go to greater heights.


The Gauteng team extended their break by two additional days with the objective of creating space for recreation and “bonding” with team-mates. Moreover, the time was used to leave no stone unturned in appreciating the beauty and grandeur of Allah’s creation. The panoramic views were breathtaking.


“Farewell friendly P.E. – Farewell!”

We now homeward bound but our thoughts still remain entrenched with your beauty and the friends and memories we left behind.

We met as strangers but left as brothers.

Indeed – “We came, we saw and we conquered”.



SA-AMS U15 Squad – 2014


Eastern Cape

Laeeq Houlie
Maasik Williams
Kaashief Jassen


Western Cape

Thafier Osman
Sameegh Salasa
Ismail Steyn
Taariq Abrahams (V.Captain)
Mohammed Zaid Lagadien



Mohammed Zaid Ally
Yusuf Asmal
Zaid Dhorat
Anas Takolia
Mohammed Soni (Captain)
Yaseen Bunting



Franky Schoeman 083 343 4538

Ex-Bafana Player


Manager Iqsaan Sectaar
Coach Sadeck Dhorat
General Manager F.Akoojee