Sport Report

Sport Report


We thank and praise Allah Ta’ala for His infinite Grace and Mercy showered upon us. Peace and blessings upon Muhammad (s.a.w), the Messenger of Allah.


Our approach to sport is line with our belief that education involves the whole person and that every child has the potential to excel. Achievement in one area so often leads to success in other areas of life.

Indeed the main thrust on school sport should always be primarily focussed on DEVELOPMENT and to this end we need to arrange comprehensive and challenging programmes which are focused, thereby enabling our learners to move a gear up!

The vision of LMS is to provide a base for the youth to unite for the pure love and enjoyment of sport and to provide opportunities for talented players to develop their sporting abilities, thus giving rise to more Muslim sporting icons that can emerge as role models for our youth to emulate.

Hadith: “A strong Muslim is better than a weak Muslim”.

Indeed a healthy body inspires a healthy mind.

AMS Soccer Festival U15 – Inter-Provincial in PORT ELIZABETH

Alhamdulillah 7 of our boys have been selected out of a squad of 14 by an independent panel from SAFA to represent Gauteng at the Inter-Provincial Soccer Festival in P.E. A programme has been organized to honour these talented players during the school holidays from Tuesday, 7 October to Thursday, 9 October 2014 – Inshallah. A SA-AMS Team will be selected at the seat of the festival.

Netball tournament

LMS hosts a Netball Tourney for U13/15 & open. Saturday, 06 September 2014. 9 have registered. Alhamdulillah arrangements are up to speed regarding preparation. Schools will be divided into 2 pools and a round-robin will be played. The two top teams in each pool will advance to the semis. And thereafter, a final will be contested. Our girls are buzzing with excitement looking forward to this event – which will be an all-girls event.

Mothers and daughters are welcomed to cheer and support our girls.


LMS excelled in World-Cup soccer tourney. Alhamdulillah our U15 boys brought new accolades to the school annexing the finals and bringing gold in the World-Cup 7-a-side soccer tourney hosted by LSS in June. Over 40 schools participated. It was a prestigious zonal tournament involving the best of the best from state and independent schools.

Saturday Sports Programme – (Foundation Phase)

The Saturday sports programme for the foundation phase Gr.1, 2 and 3 continues in earnest. The following codes are offered by specialists: Tennis; Netball; Table-Tennis; Soccer and Cricket.

This programme commenced in the second term. We intend phasing in the Gr.4 and Gr.5’s in 2015 Inshallah. This programme would be made compulsory and will be included in the code of conduct together with the “First preference clause”.

Soccer Trials for boys U11/U13

These trials have commenced and take place during school hours. Teams will be selected to participate in the Apax Soccer Festival to be held on Saturday 25, October 2014 Inshallah.


High School Athletics is scheduled for 30 September and 01 October for boys and girls respectively.


The Wednesday and Thursday internal sports programme. Which is integrated in the curriculum is structured in various codes and is based on colour competition as against inter-class fixtures.


This matter has been discussed in depth at the BOM level and it appears that for 2015 suitable candidates have been earmarked.


We need the support of all stakeholders to continue their commitment in our endeavor to promote healthy sport. We welcome parents, to get involved in inspiring and motivating our learners to aspire for new heights.