Our Beloved Master Muhammed (S.A.W.) said: “My Ummah is like one body, if one part of it is ill, the whole of it is ill”.



Lenasia Muslim School in conjunction with “Gift of the Givers”, undertook a Campaign to empower the fallen women of Syria. The plight in Syria has been heart-rending, and many a people have been left without basic daily necessities.

Thus, in aid of assisting their fellow Muslim Sisters, the Grade 12, Grade 11 and Grade 6 Girls have participated in the “To My Sister With Love – Campaign”.

This required each Learner to create a much needed Hygiene Pack, that included various cosmetics, for their Sisters in Syria. Most importantly, included within the pack was a letter or message of love, hope and support from one woman to another.

And while we are unable to do much for all the Muslims around the World who are suffering, we ask Allah to accept this small effort carried out by us – Ameen.


……………………….                                     ……………………….

SHAKIRAH RAWAT                          BROTHER M.A.A. PATEL

(HEADGIRL).                                    (DEPUTY-PRINCIPAL).