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The aim of Lenasia Muslim School is to provide the best possible education in a caring, disciplined environment so that every pupil may prepare confidently for a fast-changing world.

Our commitment is to educate every pupil to their full potential and inculcate in each person habits of self-discipline, a sense of responsibility and attitudes of tolerance, co-operation and respect from others. LMS is a school that is governed and managed within a strong framework of policies and procedures. These policies and procedures are debated, formulated, ratified and then implemented at various levels within the educational system of LMS. The system comprises of many sub committees that meet continuously, with representations from leading Ulema of the community, educators from within and outside of the school, recognized community professionals and members, and active participation from the parents.

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We offer an excellent range of facilities and resources to our learners which we continually upgrade. Each classroom has been equiped with a state of the art technologically advanced overhead projector, to take teaching methods to the next level. We believe the resources available to our learners and the environment in which they work are a key consideration in their performance and motivation. Our facilities were purpose-built and developed in accordance with the needs of our students and curriculum.

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