Our History

A rich tapestry woven with moments of resilience, growth, and enduring commitment to excellence.


MS celebrates its 34th anniversary this year. The vision and mission statement, coined 35 years ago, has stood the test of time. Our learners, are treated equally, have equal access to all resources.

Our shared goal is to develop learners spiritually, intellectually, physically and emotionally in a safe and stimulating environment. In doing so, we hope to produce learners who would be able to play a meaningful role in the South African society and the world at large.

What makes LMS stand out head and shoulders above the rest is the fact that our vision and mission statement are not simply plaques on our walls. We translate each and every statement into measurable outcomes and actions.

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  • 2020 Top 3 Independant Schools Learners Category


  • WITS and UJ


Reasons To Choose Us

Choose us for a transformative educational journey where academic excellence, a nurturing environment, and a commitment to character development converge, preparing students for a future of limitless possibilities.

Our Teachers

In pursuit of academic excellence we ensure that highly qualified and competent staff are employed and continuously developed to keep up with new teaching ideas and methodologies. Our staff of dedicated educators inspires and encourages our learners. They model positive Islamic values and conduct.

Our Classrooms

Our classrooms and specialist rooms are fully equipped and resourced with projectors, enabling our educators to present exciting and informative lessons, having access to the internet. Our library resource centre is used in a very dynamic way, keeping learners stimulated, actively involved in educational games, preparing learners for competitions, assisting with assignments and proving learners with study material.

Our Library

Our library is also open to the community and the school regularly screens informative and interesting documentaries followed by discussion with guest speakers for the adult community. The educational material used in both the Secular and Islamic Curriculum is of a high standard.