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Our Vision

Lenasia Muslim School is committed to be a leading institution of learning, where we will strive to nurture our pupils and help them to develop to the best of their ability. In doing so, we will create an ethos conducive to upholding an Islamic value system. All our endeavours must be to seek the pleasure of Almighty Allah.
  • 1883


  • 9:1


Mission Statement & Core Values

We pledge and dedicate ourselves to establish a Society based on Democratic Values, Social Justice and Fundamental Human Rights. We commit ourselves to pursue a Policy of Non-Racialism, Non-Sexism and Promote Universal Adult Suffrage to All Learners who attain the age of 18.

To attain excellence in the academic, religious and sporting aspects of school life to develop and promote:

  • 01. Basic skills needed to function in life.
  • 02. Skills of communication, coherent expression in speaking and writing, critical judgement in listening and reading.
  • 03. Attitudes of self-reliance and responsibility to self and others.
  • 04. Sound moral values.
  • 5. An enquiring mind.
  • 6. Moral courage & a social conscience.
  • 7. A practical awareness
  • 8. Respect for others.
  • 9. Care for the environment.
  • 10. Self discipline and humility.

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